1. Break and Entry

    Provides precious time by helping to deter unwanted individuals from entering your building or home

    Helps protect occupants and assets

  2. Safety Glazing and Human Impact

    Upgrade your glass to meet safety glazing codes

    Help protect your occupants from broken glass hazards

  3. Seismic and Spontaneous Glass Breakage

    Glass fragment retention film for increased protection for people, property, and possessions

  4. Bomb Blast and Explosion Protection

    Help Protect people from flying glass shards, one of the most common causes of blast related injuries and fatalities

Protect tenants and your property with 3M Safety & Security Window Film

  1. Mitigates hazards from shattered glass due to natural and human causes
  2. Helps provide protection to people and property from flying glass in natural disasters
  3. Can be combined with 3M™ Impact Protection Attachment Systems for additional safety and security
  4. Increases security and provides added protection against smash and grab burglaries
  5. Helps extend the life of furnishings by significantly reducing harmful UV rays, the largest cause of fading
  6. Increases anti-spall protection for laminated glass

Our Safety Window Film Solutions

3M™ Safety and Security Window Films come in an array of options to help meet your school's needs and budget. All filmes are combined with the 3M™ Impact Protection Attachment System which attaches the filmed window to the window frame, creating a robust shield that significantly outperforms window film-only systems for the highest level of protection.

  1. Ultra Prestige

    1. 3M Ultra Series Safety and Security Window Film combined with sun control film
    2. Micro-layered, tear resistant, technology
    3. Up to 97% infrared rejection
    4. High light visibility
    5. Low interior and exterior reflectivity
    6. Mitigates hazard from shattered glass
  2. Ultra

    1. Patented co-extruded micro-layer, tear resistant technology
    2. Designed for internal application
    3. Helps protect people from flying glass shards
    4. Increases security and helps provide added protection against smash and grab burglaries
  3. Exterior

    1. Clear, single layer polyester film
    2. Designed for both internal and external applications
    3. Reduces harmful UV rays
    4. Mitigates hazards from shattered glass
  4. Standard

    1. Increases anti-spall protection
    2. Clear, single, double, or triple layer polyester film
    3. Mitigates hazards from shattered glass due to natural and human causes


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